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About RAM-TECH:                                           

RAM N.S Technologies (RAM-TECH) – One of the top Israeli Distributors / Representatives and Integrators
for systems, subsystems and components. With Partners and Vendors over 60 from USA, Europe and The Far East 


By supplying standard & semi-custom components, design & engineering services RAM-TECH has become a strategic supplier in the Israeli market for all major customers, with excellent technical and commercial skills in RF, Microwave,Photonic (Electro-Optic & Fiber-Optic), Semiconductor, PCB, Cellular, Embedded, ASIC and IPs for the following applications : Telecommunication, Consumer, Medical, Industrial, Bio, Testing, Aerospace, Defense & Security, ext.

RAM-TECH Successfully distributes and represents many of the worldwide leading vendors. The Company’s dynamic, experienced and highly professional engineering team provides application technical support, project management and design in solutions for their customers and OEM companies including start-ups.

RAM-TECH have extremely good relationships with many Israeli customers in all business sectors and contacts with key people in major system developers and government in various applications such as: Telecommunication, CATV, Broadcast, Consumer, Medical, Industrial, Bio, Electro-Optic & Fiber-Optic, Testing & Measurement, Aerospace and Defense & Security; From the VP R&D to VP Engineering, CTOs, VP Operations, R&D, Engineering, Contract Managers and CEO Levels. We have great relationship with many customers in Israel for many years; this is based on successful running business that was done over three decades.

Main Activities:

  • Distributors / Representatives Services 
  • R&D Design Services, Engineering, Project Management, Operation
  • Pre- and Post-Sales Technical Support
  • Comprehensive Design Solutions for customers, OEMs, and start-up companies
  • Products Purchasing & Manufacturing
  • Integrators, Full-Turn Key Projects

Areas of expertise :

  • Photonics – Electro-Optic & Fiber-Optic
  • ASIC & IPs
  • High Freq., RF, Microwave, Wireless, Power PCBs
  • Cellular, Modems, Routers & Data security
  • CATV & Satellite
  • Embedded Solutions 


  • Telecommunication, Datacom,
  • Broadcast, CATV
  • Consumer
  • Medical
  • Industria
  • Defense & Security
  • Bio
  • Testing & Measurement
  • Aerospace
  • Defense & Security
  • Material Processing



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