In-House R&D Services for Power & Motion Systems

Power supply design and integration – the power system is a major part of every electronic system, in RAM-Tech we are specialized in the design of
Switch-Mode Power Supplies (SMPS), we have the technology and experience to design SMPS of different topologies isolated or non-isolated. This includes Fly-Back,Buck, Boost, Buck-Boost etc.
Motion Systems design and integration – design a motion control system requires experience and knowledge in many aspects.
The basic step is the selection of the motor type DC-Motor, Brush-Less DC Motor(BLDC), Permanent Magnet or Stepper. The next step is the selection of the system feedback – Encoder absolute or incremental, Resolver or Halls and other system requirements dealing with inputs and outputs.
And then select the control method – Torque, Velocity or Position, or any other required feedback.
We in RAM-Tech could take leading part of any of the described steps in order to build the motion system right to the needs, using off-the-shelf components or custom made designs.
Our large portfolio includes IGBT and MOS-FET transistor in discrete or as Integrated Power Module (IPM), high power Diodes, Planar or standard copper magnetics, top rated capacitors and specialized PCB manufacturer for high-current and high-voltage applications.  All from world leading suppliers.
We are sure we will be able to design the exact product for your system requirements in sense of performance, price, volume and reliability.