MARUWA is a global leading manufacture for High Temperature Co-fired Substrates (HTCC).MARUWA

MARUWA is carrying out four divisions; Ceramics / Electronic Components / Devices, Quartz Glass and LED Lighting.  


Metallized / Multilayer Ceramic Substrates

  • Thin Film Metallization
     The materials permit the production of sophisticated circuit patterns that meet customers’ needs with high-degree integration and electric properties by using substrates which have excellent thermal conductivity, such as alumina substrates, aluminium nitride substrates, multilayered substrates, or dielectric ceramics.
  • Thick Film Metallization 
     Thick film metallization with silver plating or copper plating.
  • Multilayer Co-fired Substrates
    These substrates are co-fired in high temperature after patterning and lamination by using Alumina or Aluminium nitride. Both products have excellent thermal conductivity. The structure (surface with electrode patterning, inside with circuit patterning, and bottom with resistor/electrode patterning) has achieved substrates with smaller size and multifunction.
    Ceramic heater, Optical communication package, LED package, Sensor package, SMD package, Hybrid IC with power line, Compact module replacing mother board, MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) package

Ceramic Substrates




Ceramic experts with long-time experience, providing total solution from the raw materials to components.

Integrated production system from producing ceramic substrates, designing, and patterning of circuit on substrates, to processing including components mounting. MARUWA have years of experience on materials and processing technologies such as ceramic sheet manufacturing, molding and firing.

Electronic Components / Devices

Flexible for customers' needs such as specification change and small quantity with timely innovation.

MARUWA integrate the ceramic material technology and manufacturing technology with the accumulation or a part installation technology to produce RF components or devices such as EMI filters, magnetic sheets, inductors, and EMC components (surge, noise suppression parts). MARUWA establishing a global mass-production for various products including magnetic sheets and inductors.

Quartz Glass

The state of the art facilities and well-established manufacturing process enable stable supply of high quality quartz glass.

MARUWA produce various types of quartz glass products, including quartz boats and tubes, which are necessary for semiconductor industry, multi-walled piping burner for optical fiber, and machined products with punched fine pores. MARUWA combine the state of the art equipment environment and the expert technique, as well as MARUWA establish the new technology including super clean manufacturing or large product manufacturing to develop and start mass-producing products in a very rapid growth technical field, such as solar cell and LED.


They high quality LED products represent MARUWA's legacy of ceramics and components cultivated over the years.

MARUWA produce LED lighting fixtures including street lighting, lighting for interior and high ceiling. In addition to optical design technology and technologies related to high-powered lighting that they have acquired over the years, MARUWA combine the ceramic technology, the circuit design technology and packaging technology to advance the development of LED modules with high heat dissipation, which contributes to improving the life-time and performance of lighting fixtures.