Andon Electronics

Andon Electronics makes precision sockets used in the placement of image sensors, optoelectronic sensors, gas sensors, power converters, batteries, crystal oscillators, fuses, displays, relays, and other electronic devices onto PC boards.

Leading makers of lasers, high-speed/high-resolution cameras, and other electronic products solder Andon sockets – not the devices – onto the PCB, to avoid:

  • Image sensor damage from exposure to high temp solder, ESD, and cleaning solutions 
  • Device and solder joint cracking and associated intermittency due to differences in thermal expansion between device and PCB
  • The labor and PC board damage associated with desoldering a faulty device       
  • Production delays associated with holding up PCB assembly until the devices arrive
  • Device performance decline from excessive heat and noise

In addition, the surface-mount version of our sockets provides a way to surface mount thru-hole devices – eliminating the need to hand or wave solder these devices, and freeing up real estate on the PCB. 


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