Cicor is a leading international high-tech industrial group active in advanced microelectronics, substrates and electronic solutions. 

The Group offers complete outsourcing services and a broad range of innovative technologies, electronic manufacturing services and a wide range of production options from PCB assembly, system assembly, box-building, toolmaking and plastic injection molding.





– Flexible, rigid and rigid-fl exible PCBs

– High-density interconnects (HDIs)

– Multi-chip modules (MCM)

– 1-32 layer rigid PCBs

– Multilayer circuits on polyimide, polyimide glass, LCP, FR-4, high-Tg , HF substrate

– Panel and reel-to-reel production Circuit board structures down to 25/25 μm

– Laser microvias down to 30 μm

– Mechanical vias down to 75 μm

– Filled blind vias

– Stacked/staggered microvias to 6-n-6

– +/-5% impedance-controlled circuit boards

– Thin base materials down to 12.5 μm

– Circuit boards down to 4.0 mm thickness

– Laser cavities

– Materials for temperature management

– Extensive portfolio of surface finishes

  Immersion Sn; Immersion Ag; ENIG; ENEPIG; OSP; ASIG; Galvanic Ni/Au; HASL

– Electrical, optical and thermal testing


Thin-fi lm technology:

– Thin-fi lm substrates on polymer, ceramic, steel, glass, ferrite, etc.

– Ceramic/polyimide multilayer substrates

– Flexible multilayer circuits with maximum resolution (10 μm)

– Integrated resistors and couplers

– Thick copper thin-fi lm substrates for high-performance applications

– Precision high-ohm resistors, resistor networks

– Copper fi lled vias



Thick-fi lm technology:

– Thick-fi lm substrates on Al2O3, AIN, ferrite etc.

– Various conductor materials (bondable, solderable)

– Printed resistors (trimmed active/passive)

– Etched structures (down to 40 μm)

– DC & RF multilayer circuits