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For telecommunications, sensing, industrial, and medical industries.


Specialty Fiber Products:


High-Index Fiber:

High-index fibers are used across telecommunication, aerospace, and industrial markets


High Temp Fiber:

High Temperature Fibers are designed for applications requiring improved fatigue resistance, high usable strength, and excellent resistance to higher temperatures and hydrogen permeation.
The fiber consists of single-mode or multimode core and single or dual coating system, including a hermetic carbon layer (optional) and a high temperature acrylate layer.


PANDA/Polarization Maintaining Fiber:

PANDA PM fibers from wavelengths of 400-1550nm and designs such as High NA and Flame Retardant coatings.


Special Single-Mode Fiber:

Low wavelength RGB400 for sensors in Red-Green-Blue wavelengths
SMF-28e+ Photonic Fiber which has unique properties of reduced core-to-cladding offset, tighter cladding geometries for lower splicing losses, and guaranteed single-mode operation without cabling
ClearCurve Photonic optical fiber for tight bending applications
RC SMF optical fiber which is an 80 micron clad design for small form factor applications


Erbium-Doped Fiber:

Erbium-doped fiber designs are available for conventional C-band, L-band, and reduced-clad (80 μm) applications.
• Single and multi-channel optical amplifiers
• Digital and analog systems
• Community antenna television (CATV) amplifiers


Fibrance Light-Diffusing Fiber:




High Temp/Harsh Environment Fiber
  Special Single-Mode Fiber

Medical: Fiber Optic Probes
Medical Optics

Telecommunications: High-Performance 
Erbium-Doped Fiber
  High-Index Fiber/Bend Insensitive
  PANDA/Polarization Maintaining Fiber
  Special Single Mode Fiber

Lighting: Unleash the Glow
Corning® Fibrance™ Light-Diffusing Fiber


Specialty Fiber Capabilities:
matrix of glass core, cladding and the protective coatings where each or all can be rapidly customized per customers application needs.
Corning can do this in terms of size, optical properties, temperature/environment resistance, bend insensitivity, operating wavelength, buffer, etc.

Single Mode
High Index/Low Cut-off
Erbium Doped
Polarization Maintaining
Pure Silica
ClearCurve – Bend Insensitive Family
Visible Region

Standard Acrylate – 85°C
Mid Temp Acrylate – 150°C
Mid Temp Acrylate – 180°C
Coating Matrix Link

Custom Capabilities
Hermetic Coatings
Reduced Clad Fiber
Large Core-Long Lengths
Custom Core Design
Polymer Clad Silica
Hydrogen Resistant Fiber
Rad Hard


Corning Specialty Fiber Description & P/N        
Standard Telecom (100kpsi)   Non- Telecom  (100kpsi)   Standard High Index   Single Mode
PM 13-U25D   PM 40-U25D   HI 1060   SM-XMT
PM 13-U40D   PM 40-U40D   HI 1060 FLEX   SM-XMT-H
PM 14-U25D   PM 48-U25D   Standard High Index (200kpsi)   Single Mode Hermetic
PM 14-U40D   PM 48-U40D   HI 980   SMH-XMT
PM 15-U25D   PM 53-U40D   HI 1060   SMH-XMT-H
PM 15-U40D   PM 63-U25D   HI 1060 FLEX   Single Mode BI
Standard Telecom (200 kpsi)   PM. 63-U40D   HI CER 98    SMBI-5-XMT
PM 13-U25D-H   PM 85-U25D   Reduced Clad fibers (100 kpsi)   SMBI-5-XMT-H
PM 13-U40D-H   PM 85-U40D   RC HI 980   Single Mode BI Hermetic
PM 14-U25D-H   Non Telecom (200kpsi)   RC HI 1060   SMBIH-5-XMT
PM 14-U40D-H   PM 48-U25D-H   RC HI 1060 FLEX   SMBIH-5-XMT-H
PM 15-U25D-H   PM 48-U40D-H   RC 1300    
PM 15-U40D-H   PM 63-U40D-H   RC 1550    
PM 98-U25D-H   PM 85-U40D-H   RC SMF    
PM 98-U40D-H   Non Telecom Hytrel (100kpsi)   Reduced Clad Fibers (200 kpsi)   MM 50
Telecom Hytrel (100kpsi)   PM 40-H90D   RC HI 980   MM50BI-XMT-H
PM 13-H90D   PM. 48-H90D   RC HI 1060   MM 50 Hermetic
PM 15-H90D   PM 53-H90D   RC HI 1060 FLEX   MM50BIH-XMT-H
PM 85-H90D   PM 63-H90D   RC SMF   MM 62.5
Telecom Hytrel (200kpsi)   PM 85-H90D   Erbium Fiber   MM62.5-XMT-H
PM 13-H90D-H   Non Telecom Hytrel (200kpsi)   Er 1550 C3   MM 62.5 Hermetic
PM 15-H90D-H   PM 48-H90D-H   Er 1600 L3   MM62.5H-XMT-H
PM 98-H90D-H   PM 63-H90D-H   Er 1550 C3 L3    
Telecom Low Birfringence (100kpsi)   PM 85-H90D-H   RC Er 1550 C3    
PR PM 13-U25D   Reduced Clad (100kpsi)   RC Er 1600 L3    
PR PM 14-U25D   RC PM 13D        
PR PM 15-U25D   RC PM 14D        
PR PM 98-U25D   RC PM 15D   Low Wavelength Fiber    
Telecom Low Birfringence (200kpsi)   RC PM 85D   RGB 400    
PR PM 13-U25D-H   Reduced Clad (100kpsi)   HI 780    
PR PM 14-U25D-H   RC PM 13D-H   HI 780 (200kpsi)    
PR PM 15-U25D-H   RC PM 14D-H   HI 780C (100kpsi)    
PR PM 98-U25D-H   RC PM 15D-H   HI 780C (200kpsi)    
Telecom Small Radius(200kpsi)   RC PM 85D-H   HI 780 SC    
PM SR15-PX-U25D-H   RC PM 98D-H   HI 780 TD    
PM SR15-PX-U40D-H   Dispersion Shifted   ClearCurve® Fibers (200kpsi)    
PM SR15-H50D-H   PM DS 15-U40D   ClearCurve® Ultra 200kpsi    
PMSR15-H90D-H   RGB Fibers   ClearCurve® Photonic Fiber    
Telecom Bend Insensitive (200kpsi)   PM RGB-U25D   ClearCurve® ZBL Fiber (200kpsi)    
PM BI15-PX-U25D-H   High NA Fiber   ClearCurve® LBL Fiber (200kpsi)    
PM BI15-PX-H50D-H   PM 13-HNA   Hermetic Acrylate Fibers    
    PM 13-HNA-H   SMFHA(SMF W/ Hermetic and Acrylate    
        MMFHA (MM W/ Hermetic and Acrylate    



Fiber Capabilities