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Eblana Photonics LtdLasers for Sensing, Measurement & Communications.
Gas Spectroscopy – Detection of HF, H2O, NH3, CO2, CH4 emissions

Precision Single Mode Lasers Single Wavelength Lasers for specialty applications in the range 690nm to 2020nm
Narrow Line Width product series with linewidths down to 100kHz.



689nm – 1100nm
Single Mode Lasers for SrRb & O2 sensing.
·         689nm – Sr
·         760nm – O2
·         780nm – Rb

1100nm – 1530nm
Precision Single Mode Lasers for the detection of HFH2O and NH3.
·         1278nm – HF
·         1392nm – H2O
·         1512nm – NH3

1530nm – 1800nm
100kHz Narrow Line Width and HCl sensing products.
·         1550nm
·         1550nm NLW (100 kHz)
·         1571nm – CO
·         1654nm – CH4
·         1742nm – HCl

1800nm – 2150nm
longer wavelength products extend to 2150 nm for detection of H2OCO2 & N2O emissions.
·         1854 nm – H2O
·         1877 nm – H2O
·         2004 nm – CO2
·         2108 nm – N2O
·         2020 nm (FP)
·         2100 nm (FP)

» 2051nm Laser for Carbon Dioxide Detection
» 2004nm Laser for Carbon Dioxide Detection
» 1877nm Laser for Water Detection
» 1742nm Laser for HCl Detection
» 1654nm Laser for Methane Detection
» 1512nm Laser for Ammonia Sensing
» 1392nm Laser for Moisture Detection
» 1278nm Laser for HF Detection
» 1550nm Narrow Line Width Laser
» 780nm Laser for Atomic Clocks
» 689nm Laser for Atomic Clocks

Gas Spectroscopy
Eblana's Single Mode Lasers are used extensively for high sensitivity detection of gases such as Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Ammonia and Hydrogen Fluoride. The DM technology platform delivers unrivalled wavelength uniformity and stability which is critical for these applications.

Typical Applications –
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) detection
Ammonia (NH3) detection
Methane (CH4) detection
Moisture (H2O) detection
Suitable Diodes

All of Eblana's Single Mode lasers are of monolithic construction making them ideal for operation in environments prone to mechanical shock and vibration. Eblana has supplied lasers to a range of aerospace applications including the European Space Agency's next generation atomic clock development program.

Typical Applications –
Rubidium Based Atomic Clock
Strontium Based Atomic Clock
Optical Gyroscope


Test & Measurement
NLW Lasers for Measurement
Eblana's Narrow Linewidth lasers are the preferred choice of the Optical Test and Measurement industry due to their extremely narrow line widths and affordability for a wide range of applications. Eblana's flagship EP1550-NLW product has been deployed in a host of test, measurement and imaging systems.

Typical Applications –
Precision Distance Measurement
Remote Sensing
Perimeter Security

Fiber Comms – Fiber Optic Lasers
Eblana has been supplying lasers into the high volume, fiber optic communications industry for the past decade. With a range of high performance competitive products, the name "Eblana" has become synonymous with quality laser products delivered to the world's largest optical transceiver manufacturers.

Typical Applications –
Short Haul Fiber Comms
10Km + Fiber Comms
Coherent Communications
Advanced Fiber Comms

Eblana Photonics supplies single wavelength Laser Diodes for Sensing, Metrology & Communications applications across a wide range of NIR wavelengths.
All of Eblana Photonics single mode diode lasers exhibit superior line width properties compared to typical DFB lasers and our wavelength range extends from 690nm to 2150nm. Eblana Photonics can quickly deliver custom lasers at specific wavelengths in a range of package formats. Eblana Photonics also supply Fabry Perot lasers in a range of wavelengths and are the supplier of choice for the high volume fibercomms industry.

– Delivering advanced Lasers for Communications, Sensing & Measurement
– Enabling new volume markets through mass deployment of our disruptive technology
– Utilising our technology's versatility to provide fast turnaround custom solutions
– Investing in R&D for ongoing expansion of our leading edge product offerings

– Leading industrial professionals in Laser Physics and High Volume device manufacture
– Best in class manufacturing partners from Epi Growth to Device Fabrication and Packaging
– Network of Highly Experienced Sales partners in key global locations