ELNA INCELNA's goals include increasing the level of flexibility in printed-circuit board design, increasing product manufacturing efficiency, and reducing the burden on the environment. ELNA responds to the challenging specifications required by the world of IT by bringing in outside technologies in combination with its own proprietary technologies to provide the most up-to-date miniaturization techniques. With the advance Etching Technology, enable high precision Impedance Control products.

At ELNA, we have established high-precision surface-mount printed-circuit board manufacturing processes, and we provide flexible services to fit the needs of the global market, offering the entire set of services from design through shipping, provided by our CAD/CAM systems.



  • Aluminum Electrolytic Cupacitors

  • Automotive Alaminum Electrolytic Chip Types

  • Plasticflim Cupacitors

  • Electric Dounle-Layer Cuupacitirs

  • Aluminum Electrolytic Cuupacitirs For Audio Applications