Freqelec Electronics Inc

Freqelec Electronics IncFrequency Electronics, Inc. was founded in 1962 and is now a well-established public company in Long Island, New York, and trades on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange under the symbol FEIM. It has six wholly-owned subsidiaries: FEI Communications Inc. and FEI Government Systems Inc., located in Mitchel Field, New York; Gillam-FEi a.s., located in Liege, Belgium, near Brussels; FEI-Zyfer Inc., located in Garden Grove, California; FEI-Asia Ltd., located in the free trade zone in Tianjin, China. FEI and its subsidiaries are major worldwide suppliers of Precision Time and Frequency (PT&F) products for ground, seaborne, airborne, and space terminals and platforms used by commercial and government/military systems suppliers.


– Space Master Clocks – Oscillators, DROs, Quartz, Rubidium
– Frequency Generation
– Up/Down Converters
– DC to DC Converters and Thick Film Hybrids
– GPS Time and Frequency Systems