Glenair-offers a full spectrum of connector products to meet every connector requirement possible. Glenair manufactures high reliability commercial and military grade connectors, including, but not limited to circulars, fiber optics, conduit systems, composite enclosures, accessories and assembly tooling.


Prodect LIne:

Glenair Turnkey Interconnect Assemblies:

Interconnect Cable / Conduit Assemblies

Flex Circuit Assemblies

Embedded Subsystems

Optoelectronics / Photonics

Fiber Optic Connectors, Termini, and Cables


Market / Industry-Specific Interconnect Technologies:

Military / Defense Interconnect Solutions

STAR-PAN™ USB Data / Power Hubs

Commercial Aerospace EWIS Technology

Space-Grade Connectors • Cables • HDRMs

Navy / Shipboard Interconnect Solutions

Underwater / Subsea Connectors

Industrial-Strength Interconnect Solutions


Mil-Spec Grade / Aerospace Connectors:

Mil-Spec Circular Connectors and Savers

Mil-Spec Rectangular Connectors

Ultraminiature Circular Connectors

High-Speed Connectors

Hermetic Seal Connectors

EMI / EMP Filter Connectors and TVS Devices


Connector Accessories, Wire and Wire Protection, Shielding, Contacts, and Tools:

Wire and Cable

Electrical Contacts

Connector Backshells and Accessories

EMI / RFI Braided Shielding / Ground Straps

Heat Shrink Boots and Terminations

Wire Protection Conduit Systems


Interconnect Assembly Tools