Innovative Photonics

innovative photonicsIPS was founded in August 2003 to provide high performance semiconductor diode light source systems based upon our proprietary spectrum slicing technologies. The company's core competencies lie in the areas of epitaxial crystal structure design & manufacture, wafer fabrication, device testing, high reliability packaging, and integrated system design. The company operates under a "Fab-Lite" philosophy that entails partnering with key industry suppliers for crystal growth and wafer processing, while maintaining chip testing, packaging, and system integration as in-house functions. This philosophy allows IPS to leverage industrial overcapacity to reduce costs by realizing economies of scale and scope, while maintaining control over critical intellectual property and design functions.


  • Wavelength Stabilized
  • Laser Diodes
  • Wavelength Stabilized Multi-
  • Mode Lasers
  • Single Frequency Lasers
  • Spectral Linewidth < 100 KHz,
  • Pulsed 220ps, High Peak
  • Power
  • Raman Probes