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Inttelix Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a leader in Facial Biometric Security Solutions, specializes in biometric engineering. Through relentless efforts in R&D and responding dynamically to the demands of biometric security market, Inttelix has developed innovative solutions for a few legacy security problems and has become a leader in the biometric application / technology market. 

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Inttelix is a software company that specializes in accurate Recognition Systems, headquartered in India. Their technology allows high-end Facial Recognition based on the latest technology in the market. They provide worldwide OEM Development Services, High-End Biometric Engineering, Interactive systems and Image processing applications for both Security and Retail. We also offer customized solutions for Banking, Security and Retail systems. They specialize in Corporate Security and Personal Identity using smart Biometric Authentication Algorithms with the latest technology.

Major Activities:

·       Development, manufacture, delivery, deployment, and maintenance of biometric identification software and hardware solutions

·       System integration of corporate security systems based on a universal biometric identification platform, ranging from elaborating a business concept to delivering a turnkey solution and rendering the appropriate maintenance services

·       Custom development for any business need or scale, integration with other subsystems and technologies

Core Competencies:

Employing the best international practices and scientific developments, Inttelix is committed to building, deploying and maintaining a full range of high-quality biometric identification and identity management solutions worldwide. Such solutions are designed for a wide range of IT applications, ranging from home computers and information infrastructures of small- and mid-sized enterprises and commercial businesses to large-scale nationwide identification projects.  

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Horizontal Markets

Information Security – Identification, authentication, authorization of users by their unique biometric parameters, managing access to enterprise resources.

Physical Access Control – Multi-functional access control systems for sensitive areas and facilities, biometric access control terminals, managing door-locks, turnstiles, gateways, etc.

Time & Attendance – Diverse reports and schedules, automated registration of employees’ arrival/departure events, support for remote offices, full compatibility with access control features

Civil Identification – e-passports and ID-cards, financial and payment systems, e-commerce, transportation security, loyalty programs