Kanguru is a global leader in providing hardware encrypted secure USB flash drives, hard drives, portable USB storage devices, remote management applications, duplication equipment and more. Kanguru is committed to offering the highest level of quality secure products and services to our customers world-wide to help meet their specific data protection, storage, and duplication needs.



Kanguru's Products & Solutions:


  • Hardware Encrypted USB Storage Drives

Defender Secure USB Flash Drives

Defender Secure USB External Drives 

Defender Fingerprint Access Encrypted Drice


  • USB Flash Drives, Hard Drives, Solid State Drives

– USB Flash Drives

– USB Hard Drives

– USB Solid State Drives (USB-C & USB3)

– Windows To Go® – Kanguru Mobile

– WorkSpace

  • Duplicators (DVD/Blu-ray, Hard Drive, SSD & USB)

– Disk Duplication (Blu-ray / DVD / CD)

– HDD Duplication

– USB Duplication

– NVMe Duplication


  • Kanguru DVD & Blu-ray Burners

DVD Burners:

– QS Slim DVDRW DVD Burner

– 24x DVDRW DVD Burner

Blu-ray Burners:

– QS Slim BD-RE Blu-ray Burner

– Kanguru 16x BD-RE Blu-ray Burner