MPD – Micro Photon Devices



MPD – Micro Photon Devices

> Photon Counting devices based on solid-state Single Photon Avalanche Photodiodes (SPAD)


PDM – Photon Detection Modules

The PDM series photon counting detector modules are all solid-state instruments. They have high photon detection efficiency and generate an output pulse per detected photon with better than 50 ps FWHM photon timing resolution. Versions with a FC receptacle for easy coupling with Single-Mode and Multi-Mode fibres are available.

– High Photon Detection Efficiency – up to 49% @ 550nm
– Best-in class Timing Accuracy – Typ. 35 ps FWHM
– Low Dark Count Rate – as low as 1 c/s, depending on detector diameter
– 20 μm, 50 μm and 100 μm active sensing area diameter, SM/MM Fiber Coupling
– Window and Fiber Receptacle versions available
– FC receptacle with coupling efficiency ≥ 80%




Single Photon Counting Camera

SPC3 is based on a 2-D imaging array of 64 x 32 smart pixels, comprising single-photon avalanche diode detector, analog front-end and digital processing electronics. The SPC3 provides single-photon sensitivity, high electronic noise immunity, and fast readout speed up to 96’000 frames per second with negligible interframe dead time. A common gate input enables counting only during specific time-windows.

– SPID of 32 x 64 SPAD pixels
– Full digital acquisition of light – PDE up to 50% @ 420nm, improved NUV response
– Ultra short time gating < 2ns @ 200ps steps
– High frame rate up to 96 kfps
– Low noise Typical noise of 150cps per pixel, no readout noise
– 2048 detectors – full parallel operation
– 3 indipendent counters per pixel, with up-down mode for lock-in acquisition
– USB 3.0 interface with DLLs provided
– Optical port with interchangable adapter C-mount adapter available
– High speed “in-camera” FLIM-mode



InGaAs Photon Counter

The InGaAs Single-Photon Counter is based on a InGaAs/InP SPAD for the detection of near-infrared single photons up to 1700 nm. The module includes a front-end circuit for fast avalanche sensing and detector quenching and resetting.

– High Photon Detection Efficiency – Up to 40% at 5V excess bias (VEX)
– Best-in class Timing Accuracy < 100ps FWHM (focused light)
– Free running and gated mode – No gating or up to 133 MHz adjustable gate width
– Fully programmable module – gate width, gate repetition frequency, hold-off, SPAD excess bias and temperature
– 25μm active-area diameter InGaAs/InP SPAD
– Free Space and SMF-28 Fibre Pigtailed version
– Sensitivity from 900nm to 1700nm
– Available in different Grade depending on Dark Counts specifications
– Adjustable PDE vs. DCR trade-off and hold-off time
– PC control interface via USB, DLL available
– Control Unit is the same both for free running and gated detection heads



Picosecond Delayer Module

MPD Picosecond Delayer is a module capable to generate output pulses with user-selectable delay and output pulse duration, in respect to the rising or falling edge of the input signal. This new instrumentation, completely based on solid-state components, sets a new milestone with best in class precision, time-jitter and stability over a wide range of temperatures, not even matched by standard coaxial cables.

– 50 ns maximum delay range
– TTL and NIM output pulses
– up to 380 MHz bandwidth (NIM output)
– programmable output width from 1 ns to 250 ns
– Typ. INL between +50 ps and -50 ps over fullscale range and for all temperatures
– 10 ps step
– random jitter typ. 5 ps RMS
– < 1 ms programming time
– USB interface



Photon Counters

> InGaAs/InP
> SPC2
> SPC3


SPAD by Wavelength

> 400nm – 900nm
   > PDM
   > SPC2
   > SPC3

> 900nm – 1700nm
   > InGaAs/InP


> Quantum Random Number
> Picosecond Delayer