Norcada : DFB Lasers : Near-IR, Mid-IR 

Norcada specializes in Single-Mode Distributed Feedback (DFB) Semiconductor Diode Lasers in the Near-IR and Mid-IR spectrum regions for gas sensing and Tunable-Diode-Laser-Absorption-Spectroscopy (TDLAS) applications.  


Near-IR DFB Lasers

Norcada near-IR DFB lasers cover the wavelength range from 1300nm to 1670nm.  

The near-IR DFB lasers are the most cost effective laser sources for TDLAS applications.  Available wavelengths include:

– 1512nm for NH3
– 1576nm for H2S
– 1578nm for CO, CO2
– 1654nm for CH4

Other wavelengths are also available on custom request.


Mid-IR DFB Lasers

Norcada semiconductor mid-IR DFB lasers are fabricated using MBE grown InGaAsSb/AlGaAsSb quantum well structures and the material system is ideally suited for the wavelength region of 1900-3600nm. Mid-IR DFB lasers offer significantly higher sensing sensitivity for many gas species that are of interest to industrial safety monitoring applications.  Currently stocked wavelengths for our mid-IR DFB lasers include:

– 1854nm for H2O
– 2004nm for CO2
– 2327nm for CO (high temperature applications)
– 2334nm for CO
– 2465nm

2476nm for HF
– 2485nm
– 2495nm
– 2505nm
– 2582nm for H2O/H2S
– 3240nm for CH4 (v3R6 line)
– 3250nm for CH4 (v3RF line)

3270nm for CH4 (v3R3 line)

Other wavelengths are also available on custom request.


Norcada DFB lasers come with two main styles of hermetic packaging configurations designed for temperature stabilization and wavelength tuning.
The TO can style packaging configuration consists of miniature thermoelectric cooler (TEC) housed inside the package which has a slanted optical window to further reduce back reflection. The TO style package also has the option to have a collimation lens mounted as part of the package. Standard TO packaging formats include a TO39 package and a TO66 package. The TO packaging design is compact and ideal for point sensing systems.  

Norcada 14-pin Butterfly style packaging comes with a more powerful thermoelectric cooler for temperature control and standard single mode fiber coupling.  All of our lasers are tested and certified prior to shipping to our customers.

                         TO66A-300x225                                                                       Butterfly-300x225     

                Norcada mid-IR DFB laser in TO-66 package                                                         Norcada DFB laser in 14-pin Butterfly package