noritake-elecNoritake Company Many of these are now marketed by separate Noritake divisions. Grinding wheels were first manufactured in-house for polishing china. Since 1939, however, they have been marketed for industrial uses and today realize greater worldwide sales than Noritake china. Similarly, industrial ceramics, electronics components and even the unique roller hearth kiln, created by Noritake to make china production more efficient, have become important segments of the company's international business.

Today, Noritake continues to pursue new markets and new industries through exhaustive research and development. Indeed, the pioneering spirit of Baron Morimura lives on in the creative ideas and dedicated commitment to excellence that have grown from the tiny village of Noritake to touch the lives and careers of millions throughout the world.


Dot Matrix Display:

  • GV-3000-Series
  • GV-7000-Series
  • GV-800-Series
  • GV-U100-Series

Character Display:

  • CU-Y-Series
  • CV-U-Series
  • Cv-TE-Series
  • CV-TW-Series
  • BC-VFD-Series​

Message Display:

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