OPM – Optical Pulse Machines

OPM portfolio includes pulsed laser-diode drivers and pulsed laser/LED modules deploying any-pulse technology – featuring flexible pulse shaping in nanosecond resolution. The products are offered in forms of modules or circuit boards.
OPM products serve demanding applications including industrial, medical and scientific.

– Seed Laser Assembly with pulse shaping
– Seed Laser / Optical pulser Assembly
– Optical Linear Transmitter Assembly
– Laser Pulser / Driver Module

OPM has unique expertise in short pulse-width laser-drives, pulsers & optical pulse shaping.

For example, generating optical pulse-width down to 0.1ns and nanosecond pulses with peak power of over 1W.

OPM have flexible optical pulse shaping technology in nanosecond resolution.

The products are offered in forms of modules or circuit boards.

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The OPM-LDa series has various options, [Peak current adjustable up to 3A]

OPM-LDa-gs: fixed pulse width of 50ps to 150ps – gain switching
OPM-LDa-3: pulse width of 0.5 to 3ns with continues pulsewidth tuning.
OPM-LDa-64: pulse width of 1 to 64ns with pulsewidth tuning in 0.25ns steps and fine tuning.
OPM-LDa-128: pulse width of 1 to 128ns with pulsewidth tuning in 0.5ns steps and fine tuning.
OPM-LDa-256: pulse width of 1 to 256ns with pulsewidth tuning in 1ns steps and fine tuning.
OPM-LDa-1250: pulse width of 10 to 1250ns with pulsewidth tuning in 5ns steps and fine tuning.


OPM offers Optical Pulse Shaping:
OPM-LD-PS: Totally flexible optical pulse – shaped pulse in nanosecond resolution, including a PC software with a friendly GUI.
                     Any pulse you want, in nanosecond resolution.
AWG2500: Arbitrary Waveform Generator with time resolution of 430ps (or 555ps version)

OPM-LD-LIN: Linear Optical Transmitter, pick current up to 2A, rise time down to 1nSec.

OPM-LD-H1: peak pulse current: up to 25A / 50A, pulse width options in range of 10ns to 1us, frequency up to 10MHz [Preliminary]



In all OPM products, offering  a wide selection of Laser Diodes and LEDs, cooled or uncooled – covering wavelength range from UV to IR, including 1064 and 1550nm.

Product Applications – industrial, medical and scientific:
– Seeders for pulsed fiber-lasers
– Simulators, Laser-Range-Finders and LIDARs
– Pulsed illumination for microscopy systems
– Test equipment in electro-optical labs
– Special signaling for telecom
– Fiber lasers and Gated optical amplifiers

OPM-LDa series – Seed Laser assembly
* All seeder's functions integrated in one assembly:
-Adjustable pulse generator
-Pulse driver
-Efficient TEC controller
-Laser diode

* Pulse-width coverage of 0.5ns to 50us
* OPM-LD-gs version with gain switching (pulse-width down to 40ps)
* Peak current adjustable up to 3A
* Pulse width, amplitude, bias and temperature adjustments
* External or on-board controls
* Wide selection of laser diodes or LEDs
* Monitor points for all key parameters


OPM-LD-Lin series – Optical Linear Transmitter Assembly
* Optical linear transmitter that includes:
-Linear broad-band current driver
-Integrated laser diode
-Efficient TEC controller

* Excellent linearity
* Peak current up to 2A
* Modulation bandwidth: DC up to 1GHz
* OEM and lab versions


OPM-LD-ps – Optical pulser with pulse shaping
Most advanced optical arbitrary waveform generator (O-AWG) with integrated:
-Arbitrary waveform generator
-Linear laser driver
-Efficient TEC controller
-Laser diode

* Time resolution of 1ns
* Vertical resolution of 11bits
* Peak current up to 2A
* Comprehensive trigger modes
* Wide selection of laser diodes or LEDs
* An easy to use GUI software

Customized high frequency optical pulser
A pulsed current driver assembly with integrated laser diode:
* Repetition rate up to 200MHz
* Efficient TEC controller
* C-Mount laser diode
* Pulse-width range of 1ns to 4ns  – subjected to duty-cycle limitations
* Peak current adjustable to 4A
* Efficient heat transfer
* XY stage adaptor