OPM – Optical Pulse Machines

OPM's product range includes optical pulse generators and driver/array modules for advanced laser systems.

OPM's products offer high peak power pulses in the pico-second to micro-second range as well as arbitrary pulse shaping (patented technology).

The OPM-LDa series includes pulser module products with pulse-width range from pico-seconds to micro-seconds and with peak power up to 2 Watts.

The OPM-LD-ps product includes OPM’s patented technology with user programmable time-domain optical waveform generation in sub nano-second resolution.

OPM's high-speed and high power laser drivers convert voltage signals to optical transmission with peak laser current up to 50A and bandwidth up to ~500MHz.

OPM integrates the laser diode or LED that you need: cooled or uncooled, wavelength range from UV to Mid IR, including 905, 1064 or 1550nm.

A test-jig, controller card and accessories are offered for quick evaluation of OPM modules.

OPM offers design services with capabilities of sub nanosecond pulses, peak current of over 50A, high density integration using wire bonding and unique thermal designs.


Product Applications
– Seeders for pulsed fiber-lasers
– Laser sources for LIDARs
– Laser sources for 3D cameras (Time-of-Flight)
– Time Domain Fluorescence Microscopy

OPM-LDa Pulsers Series
– All seeder's functions integrated in one assembly:
     – Adjustable pulse generator
     – Pulse driver
     – Efficient TEC controller
     – Laser diode
– Pulse-width coverage of picoseconds (gain-switching) to micro-seconds
– Peak current up to 3A
– Pulse width, bias, temperature and amplitde (optional) adjustments
– External or on-board controls
– Wide selection of laser diodes or LEDs
– Monitoring for all key parameters 
OPM-LD-ps: Totally flexible optical pulse shaping in sub-nanosecond resolution, including PC software with a friendly GUI.

Products in the series:
OPM-LDa-gs  Fixed pulse width of 50ps to 150ps
OPM-LDa-3 – Pulse width of 0.5ns to 3ns with continues pulsewidth tuning
OPM-LDa-yyy – Four models with pulse-width of 1ns to 1250ns

OPM-LDb LIDAR Transmitters

The OPM-LDb series are optical transmitters for LIDAR or LRF systems. Main features are –
– Tunable peak current up to 25A and peak power up to 75W
– Tunable pulse-width setting from 1 to 10 nano-seconds  
– A single 12V power supply
– Compact (30 X 28mm) OEM modules. Horizontal or vertical installation options.
– The modules were designed to operate with a veriety of laser diodes in a number of wavelengths, including 905nm and 1550nm.
OPM-LDb series Brochure


Pulse Shaping
Optical Waveform Generator with Sub-Nanosecond Resolution 
OPM-LD-ps: Totally flexible optical pulse shaping in sub-nanosecond resolution, including PC software with a friendly GUI.


Electrical to Optical Broadband Linear Converter 
OPM-LD-Lin: Linear Optical Transmitter, peak current up to 2A, rise time down to 1nSec

Amplifier for MZ Modulator
OPM-AMP-700:  A non-inverting linear, wide-bandwidth amplifier with peak voltages of 5V. With the OPM-LD-ps the product is suitable to drive programmable wave-forms to Mach-Zehnder modulators.


Laser driver OPM-LD-D1-C

The OPM-LD-D1-C is a digital laser driver that combines features of:
– Speed up to 1GB/s
– Peak current of 500mA (higher peak current is also available)
– Operates in duty duty-cycle up to 50%.
The laser driver targets primarily applications of LIDAR, ToF cameras and high accuracy range finders. 


Controller / GUI software for OPM-LD series

The card provides RS-232 or USB communication port. A friendly GUI software is offered too.
In addition the card includes a trigger generator and more.    
– The Controller/GUI matches all OPM's OPM-LD modules (pulsers and laser drivers)
RS-232 interface (USB using a serial-USB cable)
– Eliminates the need for discrete control inputs
– GUI software to controls all module's functions       
– Single Power supply (12V or 24V)
– A wide range trigger oscillator and diverse triggering features.
– Safety features: Interlock/Key input and quick shut-down from the GUI
– Compact: 70mm x 60mm