Option – Wireless Technology

optionOption® focus on the design, development and manufacture of innovative solutions that provide businesses and consumers with high-quality wireless broadband access to the Internet, anywhere, anytime.

Option products are used across the globe. The world’s leading mobile telecom operators ensure their consumer and professional customers enjoy high quality wireless Internet access with Option Data cards, USB modems and wireless Routers. The world’s top manufacturers of PCs and consumer electronics incorporate Option high-performance Embedded wireless modules into their laptops, Mobile Internet Devices and other consumer electronics. Option range of user-friendly connectivity Software has been specifically developed for the mobile environment.



The ultimate 3G GATEWAY
Voice, data, and more

  • Quad-band 3G (850/900/1900/2100 MHz)
  • Powerful WiFi router (up to 254 connections)
  • Fixed DSL backup
  • Watchdog feature
  • SMS device control
  • Full phone functionality
  • Storage & printer sharing
  • Ethernet ports
  • Desktop or wall mount
  • Ideal for SOHO and on the move





The world’s smallest Personal Hotspot
with integrated WiFi & 3G

  • Easy & instant 72 Mbps internet access
  • Connects to 3G/WiFi/Hotspots
  • Powerful WiFi router (up to 8 connections)
  • Easily powered by USB
  • Smart interface (including mobile version)
  • Supports all popular web browsers
  • Ultra reliable and secure
  • Share your media & files (microSD slot)



Connecting Things to the Cloud

  • Simple, value priced WWAN M2M IP connectivity
  • Automatic connection monitoring and error recovery
  • Secure, redundant firmware and configuration images
  • Unique software and hardware configuration flexibility
  • Automatic provisioning of custom middlewar