QPC Lasers

QPC Lasers

Headquartered in Sylmar, California, has since 2001 provided industry-leading OEM diode laser solutions to customers in the following markets:

  • Automotive
  • Consumer aesthetics
  • Fiber-optic telecom and datacom
  • Defense
  • Medical/surgical
  • Materials processing
  • Optical pumping

The company is vertically integrated and capabilities for all functions from design engineering through diode fabrication, assembly, and test are provided in-house, allowing us to offer our customers everything from sub-components to complete solutions.

QPC Laser products cover an unmatched range of wavelengths and performance:

  • Powers from 5 mW through 5 kW
  • Diffraction-limited and multi-mode
  • Single-frequency to broadband
  • Wavelengths from 780 nm through 1950 nm
  • CW to 25 GHz
  • Actively and passively cooled
  • Lab environment to military hardened packages


Aesthetics & Medical:

   Eye-safe lasers for skin rejuvenation:

      1540nm 12W 105um fiber coupled module

      1410nm 5W 105um fiber coupled module

      1927nm 3W 105um fiber coupled module

   Laser Surgery:

      1318nm, 150W, diode laser for lung and liver surgery

      1470nm, 17W, diode laser for Varicose Vein Treatment

      1470nm, 100W, diode laser for BPH surgery

   Pumping Rb Vapor (SEOP) and Enhanced MRI:

      795nm, <0.25nm FWHM, 180W, diode laser module


Diode Pumps for DPSSL & Fiber Lasers:

   Wavekength-stabilized Pump DPSSL and Fiber Laser:

      795nm-IG, 180W, <0.25nm spectral width (FWHM) for pumping Rb vapor 

      880nm, 120W, 400um fiber coupled module for pumping Nd:YVO4 crystals

      976nm-IG, 8W, 105um fiber coupled module for pumping EDFA 

      976-IG, 75W, 200um fiber coupled module for pumping Yb:glass fiber lasers

      976-IG, 120W, 400um fiber coupled module for pumping Yb:glass fiber lasers

      1532nm-IG, 90W, 400um fiber coupled module for pumping Er:YAG

      1908nm-IG, 60W, 600um fiber coupled module for pumping Ho:YAG 


Lidar & Sensing

      1550nm High Power MOPA Chip

      1550nm, 500mw, SM PM fiber coupled butterfly package

      1653nm XMD-packaged DFB laser

Materials Processing:

   Transparent Plastic Welding:

      1710nm, 30W, 400um fiber coupled diode laser module

     1710nm, 60W, 400um fiber coupled diode laser module

   Precision Laser Soldering:

      808nm, 40W, 200um Fiber coupled module

      808nm, 100W, 200um fiber coupled module

   Plastic Welding:

      915nm, 200W, 200um fiber coupled module