Non-Contact Probes for On-Wafer Characterization of THz Devices and Integrated Circuits

A New Approach for On-wafer Measurements:

TeraProbes Inc – provides world’s first non-contact metrology solution for high frequency electronic device and IC testing. Our proprietary test-bed consists of an automated probe station and virtual, contact-less probe tips, enabling -for the first time- automated S-parameter characterization of electronic devices and ICs for the entire mmW and THz bands. TeraProbes test-bed is fully-automated, enabling unattended inspection of every single chip on a wafer at the fraction of the current cost. TeraProbes disruptive approach embodies the following functionality at the fraction of current cost:

  • On-wafer S-parameter measurements in the mmW and THz bands
  • No wear-and-tear, eliminating key shortcomings of contact-based microprobes
  • Sub-micron alignment repeatability for reliable and repeatable measurements
  • Multi-port device and IC characterization enabled by accurate on-wafer calibration
  • Universal, cost-effective test-bed for the entire mmW-THz band

TeraProbes support services include custom designs of the non-contact probes for your particular application needs.

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The manual non-contact testbed offers reliable, repeatable on-wafer measurements. The wafer under test is aligned manually with precision micromanipulators.


Contactless measurements can also be applied automatically! TP-100-A8025’s imaging processing software and computer controlled manipulators, offer uninterrupted measurements with unprecedented repeatability.