3Z Telecom


The company has two special products:  

1."3Z RF Aligner"-.  world leading ANTENNA ALIGNMENT TOOL for both panel antennas and microwave systems

The 3Z RF aligner reduce site re-visit and re-climbs by optimizing network performance. The products incorporates GPS technology  to calculate precise Azimuth, Tilt, Roll and AGL measurements for a multitude or directional antenna systems.



2. "Antenna WASP"- WIRELESS ANTENNA SENSOR POD that when attached to antenna, hourly monitors its alignment in 3 dimensions: azimuth, down-tilt and skew. The antenna will detect and report any undesired changes to all antenna being monitored.

solutions. This product is the world's first antenna alignment monitoring solutions.


3Z Telecom website: http://www.3ztelecom.com/